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Styling & Accessorizing

Through the ILIA BY TATIANA ILIA line, a full range of jewelry and accessories can be provided for your next big engagement, photo-shoot, video-shoot, or commercial.Styling services are also available for special occasions and photo-shoots



Tatiana Ilia has over 10 years of modeling experience within the fashion and entertainment industry. Whether it’s for your upcoming photo-shoot or video shoot, she can help bring extra panache to your project or brand.

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Creative Direction

With experience in New York City’s fashion and entertainment industry, Tatiana Ilia can assist your company and brand in curating photo-shoot’s to create content for marketing purposes. From setting a theme, finding locations, photographers, models, make-up artists, and hair-stylists, she can assist in bringing your visions to life.

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Event Curation

With a great deal of experience curating showcase events, parties, pop-up shop’s, panel discussions, fashion shows, and more; Tatiana Ilia and her team can assist in bringing the vision for your next event to life. She has experience in curating events with creative collectives like Driven Society, WNDR WMN, Fear & Fancy, Frat Haus, and more. Through these efforts she has created brand partnerships with Facebook, Essentia Water, Shea Moisture, OkayPlayer / OkaySpace, Dusse, Verizon Media, Avion Tequila, Luc Belaire, Curls, and more.

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Speaking Engagements

Tatiana Ilia has several years of experience speaking on panel discussions focusing on entrepreneurship, fashion, community, perseverance, and healing. Through her own personal growth as a young woman, creative, and business owner, she has been able to learn and channel her experiences with an intention to connect with the experiences of her audience, and motivate them to tap into their light and power within.


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